Edinburrah, or something like that! (Edinburgh)

Ok, here’s the scoop. We were in a comfy place to sleep and we needed it. So without tossing and turning, without getting up to close the blinds, without anything, we both woke up….at 1:30 pm!  That is at least a full hour later than I have ever woken up.  So we got a late start to Edinburgh.  It is a 48 minute train ride away, with has a special return rate of 12.10 pounds ($19.50 US). We were able to spend Friday evening there before returning to Glasgow. Then we went back for the day today, Saturday, as well.edinburgh black white

August is festival time in Edinburgh. There are literally six huge international festivals going on simultaneously, with events occurring all over the city. It is obviously busier than usual, especially on the Royal Mile, the (very) touristy but historic street that leads from Edinburgh Castle down to Holyroodhouse, where the Queen stays.

We went to one event in the Fringe Festival, the 150th Edinburgh Photographic Society international competition. We perused through a room showing the top 200 or so finalists. It was very interesting, educational, inspiring…and it was partially just a surprise for Kellie so we could say we went to Scotland for a festival!  We also found an amazing vegatarian restaurant, wandered through many other areas (see the captions in the photos) had lots of cappuccinos and cafe mochas, and took hundreds of pictures.

Edinburgh’s city center is extremely hilly, but very compact.  We finished up with several hours at Edinburgh Castle.  It was historic and…entertaining, but still not worth the price, in my opinion. Kellie was even more disappointed, with the basic idea that it was set up more like a bunch of little museums rather than just letting the tourist learn about the castle and see the rooms. Our favorite castle still remains, without a doubt, Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Edinburgh Castle costs about $26 US!  We bought the Scotland Explorer Pass, though, which allows us into 78 different sites on any 3 of the next five days (including today). It cost $45 US each, but you see we made up more than half of that today and many of the sites are clustered in the areas we will be visiting in the next several days.

The first link here is the Bagpipe exhibition. Just 57 seconds worth, but it gives you an idea. They are from New York.     Then the Edinburgh photos – there are over 20, but hopefully they loaded while you were reading:

greyfriars kirkyard edinburgh

Greyfriars Kirkyard – cemetery with gravestone names which were J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for several Harry Potter characters

greyfriars kirkyard edinburgh

elephant house edinburgh harry potter

Elephant House cafe – where Rowling wrote the initial Harry Potter books – just half a block from the cemetery

edinburgh quote

edinburgh olympics sunset

Olympic soccer was held in Glasgow…was anything held in Edinburgh?

stewart coffee

“Stewart” is a famous name in Scottish history

edinburgh stewart

on the wall, entering the crown jewels

west princes street gardens edinburgh

West Princes Street Gardens

edinburgh quote

edinburgh pub fare

typical pub fare?

Scott Monument Edinburgh

Scott Monument

edinburgh castle map

into the castle I go…

edinburgh castle

Kellie and I both taking photos

edinburgh castle battery

great hall medieval roof edinburgh castle

original Medieval wooden crossbeam roof in the Great Hall

edinburgh castle

edinburgh castle

where the crown jewels are

My travel buddy, truly looking more beautiful than ever before. We were at “Pret a Manger,” an eco-friendly, sandwich/salad/soup, fast-food (sort of) chain

edinburgh skylineSee you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Edinburrah, or something like that! (Edinburgh)

  1. Thanks for sharing! Love the Stewart pics….but my fav is the crossbeam roof/ceiling in the Great Hall. I’d love to see these things in person one of these days! 🙂

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