Peninsula-bound in Western Scotland

Slept in late again.  Downside: less of the day to explore.  Upside: fully refreshed and besides, the afternoons seem to have better weather here. At least for the last few days, the sky has been beautiful after noon when the clouds slowly begin to burn off a bit. We decided to keep it relatively local and drive a coastal route that Kellie found for us. It involves driving west from the city of Fort William, on the route to Mallaig.  It was a nicely paved route, and probably the widest lanes we have been on.  In short, I could actually drive 60 mph…while it seems that on other roads, it doesn’t seem safe for me to go much more than 40 in the 60 zones. First we passed an active church. It looked beautiful, even haunting from the outside.  But inside, a total state of disrepair. Just look at the walls. It also spelled like mildew and at least one bird was flying around inside.scotland church

scotland church

scotland church

Then on to a scenic road along white sandy beaches.arishaig scotland

arishaig scotland

Then along another coast just south of this…just leisurely driving and stopping to walk around or take photos whenever we felt like it.scotland coast

scotland bridge

scotland coast

scotland bridge

Then, to save about 20-30 minutes of driving as the sun was setting, we took a tiny ferry that cost 7 pounds ( more than $10) and took about 1 minute to cross a narrow channel. I took some photos from the car windows as I sat inside.scotland lighthouse sunset


One thought on “Peninsula-bound in Western Scotland

  1. Wow what a beautiful church you found. Too bad the inside didn’t have quite the same unique beauty as the outside. Well, still beautiful in a way, but mildew is never good.
    It’s so beautiful there!

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