More of northern Northern Ireland

Today, August 20th = my birthday! This also let’s you know that I am working on my blog one day late.  Anyway, today had many similarities with the way we usually travel. Lots of time driving around, the freedom to pull over and check out an unexpected site, several stops for coffee, and some buying food at grocery stores, rather than in restaurants (a strategy known as self-catering). This works, of course, because our residence for the next two days is a large loft residence (above a family’s garage) which includes a full kitchen. So we can save lots by buying exactly what we want in a grocery store.

The day started by waking up in our oceanview room in Portrush, checking out, and taking a short walk over to Ground Coffee. This is a small chain in the area. It has kind of a Starbucks feel, in the way people are free to lounge, but it much more local and they make food on site. We enjoyed some coffees and ordered two bagels. You should know the standard bagel here is covered in cream cheese…and two slabs of bacon.  We ordered them without bacon, the order got kind of messed up, and basically we ate cream cheese covered bagels that tasted like bacon. Then we drove along the coast toward a beach I had in mind.

Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland Antrim

There’s no beach here! This is Dunluce Castle- the probable inspiration for C.S. Lewis’ Cair Paravel, the castle which is the capital of Narnia.

white park bay northern irelandOur only established plan for today was to walk down to White Park Bay Beach, a very secluded, quiet beach which I read about as one of the national tourism board’s “six summer walks.”  white park bay northern irelandIt was beautiful, quiet, and there is some type of special sand whose grains are so clean (as they described it) that it squeaks like a squeaky shoe every time you step. At the beach, rain threatened while Kellie and I chatted on the rocks. As we were leaving, a downpour or flash flood potential ensued.  We headed up to the car, back up a 1/2 mile path which had a flow of water and mud coming down it. Long story short, we arrived back at the car with soaked pants and shoes. Later in the day I took off my shoes and socks to find them filled with sand.

After the beach, guess what? We went to Ground Coffee in Bushmills. Not for whiskey, but for coffee, wifi, and a $6 bagel with honey and a banana.

Bushmills main square

Bushmills city center. The generous number of UK flags tells you this city is Unionist (loyal to Britain). That’s my extremely-educated guess, anyway.

On the way toward where we are now, Kellie noticed beautiful sun rays over the water and we turned onto farm side streets to get a higher vantage point.northern ireland landscape sunset sunrays


2 thoughts on “More of northern Northern Ireland

  1. Hi Bobby

    Boy gotta say you take some pretty cool pictures. I hope you have plans to copy some of them and display them. They sure are nice. Good Job

    Well school starts tomorrow, back to the grind.

    Think about you often. Glad you’re in a good place.

    Love you


  2. Interesting breakfast experience. Bacon-essence cream cheese. Were the bagels 1/2 as good as your homemade ones?
    I have to admit, I looked right over the sentence directly after your beach/sand/rock picture & wondered why you would spell out “white pork boy” on the beach. Thanks for setting the record straight. 🙂 WHITE PARK BAY. (“slippy, slappy… samsonite- I was way off!” to quote Dumb & Dumber)
    What a beautiful sight with the rays of sun splitting through the clouds like that! totally redeemed the wet & sandy shoes, I’m sure.

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