A New Focus to this Blog

Obviously I haven’t updated this blog much in the last couple weeks. For reasons I won’t get in to at the moment, Kellie and I are not back in Hungary for our second year of teaching. This happened on very short notice; I will certainly miss the ways in which living in Hungary was different from what I was used to, different from what I expected, and different from my normal.

Long story short, I am back in the USA. Specifically, southern California for the time being. I will ultimately shift back to the Pacific Northwest…before the end of this year, for sure. Bobby doesn’t like heat or traffic! So you won’t see anymore photos of Europe, except for the rare occasion I post-process one of my photos.

Never fear, though! I will still provide you photographic inspiration of wherever I am. I’ll have some local photos soon, and can hardly wait to get out shooting in Oregon and Washington. But, I also want to include non-photo content. Stories, experiences, all that.

I hope my readers will give me some ideas on how to evolve this blog. “The Hungarian Chapter” needs a new title  (“The !@#$%^& Chapter seems appropriate). And I will appreciate every idea you post in the comments.  For all of my Hungarian readers, I’d love your comments as well. Help me focus.

The URL (myworldmybook.wordpress.com) will stay unchanged.

After 141 posts about Europe, it is time for some posts about America. It is not the end of this blog.

Thanks everyone.


One thought on “A New Focus to this Blog

  1. I am happy you are keeping up with this blog and of course ill continue to read it. Even though you are not in hungary i hope you can find ways to fulfill the missing things you enjoyed so much– doing new things and seeing new things..breaking away from the stagnancy of “normal”. I am excited to see what unfolds for you when you get out of the traffic and hubbub of southern california!

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