A “Barbara” Dinner

Just an update about last night’s dinner. I felt like making the best Mac and Cheese ever – and that recipe is owned by Kellie’s grandmother – named Barbara.  For some variety I also decided I should make something Hungarian. My most recipe Hungarian dish was an Eszterhazy Torta (cake) – it took a freakin’ long time to make! This time I decided on gulyás, and I got the recipe from one of my Hungarian students, also named Barbara.

For all of you unfamiliar with real gulyás, it is not the thick stew you typically get when you order goulash in the restaurant. If I were to go to a local restaurant that serves goulash here in the USA, I would likely receive pörkölt, a meat stew.

To paraphrase wikipedia (as I often do), The gulyás is the traditional mounted cattle-herdsman of Hungary. The gulyás tradition is associated with the Hungarian Grey or Hungarian Steppe breed of cattle. Gulyás is the origin of the word goulash.

And without further ado, here are some photos of the experience:


mac and cheese boiling water

Boiling the water

tillamook cheddar

The right cheese – I’m not going to argue with their claim to fame

Prepping the cheddar

mac and cheese

Almost there

mac and cheese

YUM! and no, I won’t give you the recipe. Maybe if you ask nicely!

GÚLYAS (warning: photos not suitable for vegetarians)

Essential ingredient : pork fat. I used some “smoked bacon ends”

cooking gulyas

browning the onion, adding the beef


cooking it down


prepping the veggies


Making csipetke: flour and egg dough which turns into noodles/dumplings in the soup


about to add water, before I let it simmer for hours


And ye shall be rewarded!


One thought on “A “Barbara” Dinner

  1. yummy. The soup/stew stuff looks amazing.
    I would agree with Tillamook’s claim to fame as well. i kick myself that Trent & I didn’t stop at the Tillamook cheese factory & get free samples last fall on our OR coast trip. Admittedly, I was battling a horrendous cold, and dairy products didn’t seem appetizing or helpful at the time.

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