Know any good photography sites?

I am always looking for good photography sites! If you know of any particular locations that are very photogenic, please let me know. I’m looking especially for the western US (CA/OR/WA).

There is a good chance I will be going to Las Vegas soon, as well. I have been there several times, but if you have some photography ideas for Vegas, or very near Vegas,  I’d appreciate them as well. Thanks!

conejo valley

Golden Arches at Sunset. aka: McDonald’s a mile away

california sunset



2 thoughts on “Know any good photography sites?

  1. Santa Barbara, anywhere; however, Franceschi Park up on the foothills in back of town has great views.
    Those “hills” btw, are called “The Riviera” by locals.
    Just about anywhere in Santa Ynez Valley, but this ( alternate route from SB to S,Y. is lovely, and was THE ONLY WAY across the mountains to Santa Maria when I was a little girl and we had been visiting family in SB. Yes, I know 101’s coast route, but that was boring, except for the few seconds of the tunnel. I absolutely loved our stops at Cold Spring’s Tavern, which is not only still there, but thriving.
    The road between Lompoc (please not lahm-pahk, it’s pronounced lahm-poke) and Santa Maria can be gorgeous, too. Native daughter speaking, love that chaparral and oak.

  2. Oooo yeah, you should spend some time around Santa Barbara! It’s beautiful.
    My other idea would be anywhere along the Oregon coast. I think when we went last fall, the most photographic areas were Cape Kiwanda for sunsets and really neat haystack rocks out in the water, and then Yachats for morning light & checking out tide pools. Then, as you know, the San Juan Islands are also so beautiful.

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