Time for a Top 100 List ?

I know Kellie has a goal of watching all one hundred movies on the American Film Institute’s “Top 100 Movies of All-Time List.” Actually, more than one hundred, because she is working through both of their lists – the original and the updated ones.

In watching some of the movies with her, I fell asleep more than once.  I seem to fall asleep really, really easily when a movie doesn’t have my interest. So I don’t think that list is for me.

Today, I learned about the New York Times’ list of the “Top 100 (English-language) Books (since 1923).” I feel confident I can work through that list, so I’m going to try it. It could take decades but it will be a fun challenge. I will keep you updated, via the sporadic book review. However, I also will try to find a way to fit a new page on my blog so you can follow along.

Here is the list: http://entertainment.time.com/2005/10/16/all-time-100-novels/#all

Instantly, I can tell some will be less than exciting. I groaned out loud when I saw a Cormac McCarthy book on there. But I should change my perspective, I suppose. After all, some “experts” think these are the best works English-speaking authors have produced in the last 82 years (1923-2005).

I have already read (and actually remember the plot of) 12 of the books-far fewer than I expected. Furthermore, I will here make the controversial suggestion that audiobooks should count the same as print books. What do you think- please let me know in the comments? After all, an audiobook is just a audio recording of the author’s exact words – so it is nothing like watching a movie and thinking that makes up for not reading the book. And it’s not like I can get through an audiobook in a quicker period of time, necessarily. The last one I listened to took about 4 hours.

I’m thinking about starting with Death Comes For the Archbishop, because I love Willa Cather’s style.

———– EDIT ——— EDIT ———- EDIT ———- EDIT ———– EDIT ——

There are two more lists (the board’s list and the readers’ list) produced by Random House’s Modern Library. Please look at these two lists and tell me which of the three lists I should follow.



2 thoughts on “Time for a Top 100 List ?

  1. I think it’s funny that everyone is a little different when regarding audio books. I, for one, fall asleep while trying to listen to them. I change the channel when I hear ads or djs talking on the radio, so an audio book would be horrible for me. I’ll stick to the actual books, but I don’t think audio books are cheating!
    I like the idea of the “reader’s list”. It seems like maybe that would draw from a larger number of people’s opinions of “the best” rather than from a company’s board members or from people at Time. I’m excited to hear your reviews!
    (And I’ll have to ask Kellie how her progress is on her movie list. I haven’t seen a post about that in ages.)

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