Venice Beach, California

Photos taken last week in Venice Beach, home of Muscle Beach (which was pretty much empty) and home of a lot of quirky, lively characters.venice beach mural astronaut

venice beach pacific ocean no dumping

Venice Beach skate park

Venice Beach skate park – right on the beach

Venice Beach palm trees

venice beach dos equis most interesting man

The Most Interesting Man in the World lives in Venice Beach

venice beach poetry black angel wings

a beautiful image

Venice Beach bathroom mural

restroom murals

venice beach skate park

venice beach street art inspiration discover your why

inspiration in the street art

venice beach street art graffiti monument

the boardwalk - curious character Venice Beach

curious characters abound

venice beach

Venice Beach: As fugitive as fraud! (?)

This day of photoshooting took me from Venice Beach to LAX airport for some shots of planes, then to the Malibu Pier at sunset. Photos of the other locations will be posted in the next couple days.


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