Do you like my photos?

Update: My top 3 The Voice contestants are still alive in the show’s final six. I have requested tickets for the remaining performance shows (Mondays) and I’ll see if any of those requests are accepted.


I’ll admit it – I think I take some really good photos. At least I put a lot of effort into it. The ones I post (and have posted) in the past year are not full quality. I always reduce and compress them at less than full quality. But you will soon be able to purchase (or spread the word so others will purchase!!!) full quality prints of some of my best work.

My father and I have opened up a retail account at Zenfolio, which is one of the major sites for storing photos and making them available for sale. You might have heard of Smugmug – probably the most popular site – and we were going to get an account there before Smugmug gave all its loyal customers a big “F. You” and raised their rates over 100% without warning. So we searched for another option and Zenfolio looks like a really high-quality option.

My father and I have invested in our photography supplies and education, and we have spent time and money traveling to particular photo-worthy locations, so your prints are not going to just cost a dollar or two like it would cost to get your own photos developed at Costco. But they also will not cost a fortune as if we were famous. The good news is that your purchases will automatically be developed at a lab that has higher quality control than Costco. (and that is probably one of the very few negative things you will ever hear me say about costco).

The photos will be my dad’s and mine, and you might even see some of Kellie’s photos on there.

The website will be up soon. Give us a couple weeks – but hopefully sooner! I will post the URL at that point.


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