Career Opportunities

No, this is not a reference to the outstanding (in a very cheezy, early 90s way) film starring Frank Whaley, Jennifer Connelly, and Dermot Mulroney.

This is just a quick report that I have been very busy as a substitute teacher. I’ve been in classes every day this week – actually teaching econ, actually teaching algebra…AND I have picked up a seasonal job on the side.

Did you imagine I would tell you I am working at a Christmas tree farm? Well, not a farm… actually a parking lot where trees are sold. (That’s an L.A. style Christmas!)  It’s a little bit of extra money, a lot of exercise, which I enjoy, and most of all, it sounded like a fun thing to do.



2 thoughts on “Career Opportunities

    • We had 18 foot noble firs which were over $500, but they didn’t sell for a while so we dropped them to $200. We sold several in the 13-14 foot range, which was probably$249 or 289.

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