Music I Like #2

Obviously, I would put my most favorite bands/singers first in this ongoing new feature. Yesterday was Counting Crows, absolutely one of my 3 favorite bands – especially because of the lyrics. Today, I present the other band that comes to mind immediately. Wait, doesn’t that mean I really have two favorite bands and now three? Alrighty, then… Counting Crows are one of my top two favorite bands and the other is……….


The Decemberists

This band is local to the Pacific NW … Portland/Olympia/ that whole area. The first time I ever heard this band was when a student (Maia) told me she liked them. This was probably six years ago, when they were completely indie and unknown. Now they’re had a popular album come out, but still aren’t super famous, though they made a guest “appearance” on The Simpsons on December 9th. I seem to always miss their concerts by a day or two in one direction or the other.  This is one of the very few bands/singers who have an album I can listen to, start to finish, and enjoy every song; they have a couple albums that fit this description. Here are two songs I love:


Now I really need to think about who will be #3. The first two were no-brainers.





2 thoughts on “Music I Like #2

  1. I like this band too, but oddly enough have yet to download any of their songs. I have a Pandora station that plays a lot of their music though. He has a cool voice.
    You should definitely track down their tour schedule & go to a concert!

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