Music I Like #4

Here begins a mini-series of bands I like.  These next three are my running staples. I have several songs from each of these bands and they fire me up when I’m running. I usually sing along, too. Not sure if it’s best to sing while running, but anyway…


My absolute favorite song of theirs: I love her broken voice in this acoustic version of Decode.

Second favorite: I had three contenders to choose from and ultimately picked: Brick By Boring Brick (I love the video as well)

Tomorrow: the song I always begin my races with (when I am at a race that allows music)


3 thoughts on “Music I Like #4

  1. I really like Paramore too, and that version of Decode is a good’n.
    I just wish her voice was a little lower so I could sing along more. She gets a bit higher than my range. Oh well, at least I’m not trying to sing along while running! That would make things much more complicated.

    • Thanks for reminding me. Ok, there is the lead-in to the next band: They are from Agoura Hills, CA and I went to high school with some of them.

      By the way, I always appreciate your comments, and I know what you mean about Hayley Williams’ voice – but I DO go for the high notes while I’m running.

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