Music I Like #5

Next up in my “running staples” series – A local band…from my hometown, from my high school…

Linkin Park

Evidence #1: The song I always start my runs with – Papercut.


Evidence #2: I had to go through several other songs to figure out which one is most invigorating (?) when I run. Then I remembered Numb.


Tomorrow, my third selection for necessary running artists. Coincidentally, a band from a city that borders Agoura Hills.   Clue: They went to Calabasas High School.


3 thoughts on “Music I Like #5

  1. Papercut is one of my favorite Linkin Park songs, and that album is their best (in my opinion). I really don’t like their current stuff- I prefer their first couple of albums. I didn’t know they were from your hometown. That’s kinda neat!

    My guess for your next music post: No Doubt. ?? probably not.

  2. An interesting take on “Numb” = their collaboration with Jay-Z. When I first heard it I went “whaaaaat?” but now it’s kinda catchy. Thank you Trent for broadening my musical horizons. 🙂

  3. Interesting – I didn’t know about that collaboration. The original video for Numb (above) makes me angry in a sympathetic sort of way. She has cut marks and all that…

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