Music I Like #6

The final choice (for now) in my running series.

Incubus – no, not the mythical creature link here, but the band.

Not all of their songs work for running, in my opinion – some are too slow and mellow. Here are my favorites for a long run.

Pardon Me

Nice to Know You

Honorable Mention goes to Circles and  Adolescents

And by the way, my favorite mellower songs areTalk Show on Mute and Are You In.

Next up: A new Series – newly-popular bands. What I really mean is “Bands I have heard recently on XMU or XM Alt Nation, who I think will become popular.”


2 thoughts on “Music I Like #6

  1. Incubus is one of my favorite bands too, and the 2 you shared in video are great ones. That entire album (morning view) is excellent. If/When I start a walking/running program, I’ll have you suggest some more good songs!

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