Music I like # 7

New theme of the day: New music.

Specifically, these are bands/singers that I first heard on XMU or XM Alt Nation. These are bands that I, with my limited knowledge of how the music industry works, think will become big. My favorite new band that fits in that category is:

Atlas Genius (Australia)

Again it was difficult for me to choose who would be my #2 choice. But my choice is one who is maybe not completely new. I have heard songs of theirs on the radio for a year or two, but I have a feeling that they are still growing in popularity.

Metric (Canada)

Tomorrow. Maybe a new theme, maybe more of the same. I hope you’re all having a happy holidaytime.


2 thoughts on “Music I like # 7

  1. I’d never heard of either bands, but that’s not really surprising considering that a) I don’t have satellite radio, b) my FM radio in my car hasn’t worked in years, c) I haven’t downloaded any new music lately. These were great suggestions!
    –Atlas Genius: the 1st song… at the very beginning I swore my computer was having buffering issues or something with how the music cuts in & out. 🙂 Pleasant surprise that I wasn’t having technical difficulties. I really like their sound.
    –Metric: I’ll have to ask Ruth if they’re pretty popular up in Canada (I assume so). Not bad, just not my favorite of the 2 bands.

    • I agree with the last thing you said. I like Metric, but I can kind of get tired of them hearing their whole album (which I have)…in LA, they are probably a mainstream band now, not a no-name. I definitely like the mellowness of Atlas Genius. The radio is just starting to play those 2 songs right now. And they just released their first album and it only has 4 songs…so definitely a new name to look out for!

      Metric is from Toronto, I believe.

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