To a 2013 that Exceeds your Expectations and Hopes!


It’s a new year. I am never one to make new year resolutions. I think that when you want to make a change, break a bad habit, improve yourself – who decided January 1st is the day to start? You can make changes to your life any day you choose.

So, I don’t have any special resolutions for 2013. When I do find ways to improve myself, it usually involves continuing to stay in shape and continuing to make healthful, mindful decisions about my nutrition. Toward that goal, I am registered for a couple running races: a 10K in February and a trail half-marathon in March. My goal is that those motivate me to make smart, healthy choices with my body.

Looking back one year ago, I could never have imagined I would be where I am now, socially, emotionally, and professionally.  It would be an understatement be to say that the first half of 2012 was one of the most stimulating, challenging, and fun times of my life. Then, the second half of 2012 was absolutely the worst period of my life. My goal for 2013 is health, happiness, and continued personal growth. It is exciting – and scary, quite frankly – to ponder how my life will be different one year from today.

But why think that far ahead? It is time to live for 2013. To health, happiness, meeting new people, and taking part in new experiences!

Boldog Új Évet kívánok mindenkinek!


2 thoughts on “To a 2013 that Exceeds your Expectations and Hopes!

  1. I really hope that 2013 brings you a lot of happiness in all areas of your life. I know you’ve gone through some tumultuous stuff & many changes, but I think that they can be changes for good & changes for a better future.
    Where did you spend your New Year’s Eve this year- with family?
    Can’t wait to hear about you reaching & exceeding your personal goals. Where is the trail half marathon? Do you have any travel plans for 2013?

    • Yes, we stayed up ’til midnight here at my parents’ house.
      Thanks for the good wishes, I appreciate all of them!
      The trail marathon is one of the two half-marathons which are part of “The Great Race of Agoura,” here in town. I have wanted to take part for many years but the March date made it difficult. It is the best half marathon in the country (, the best post-race party ( and the Great Race’s 10K is #2 (Runner’s World) so it must be a well-organized event.

      No travel plans at all yet!

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