My Only True Resolution for the New Year

I don’t usually make resolutions other than the one that comes to mind every year: the  intention of sticking with running, staying safe while doing it, and keeping physically fit from that running.

I did make a very meaningful resolution two years ago and failed miserably, apparently. Only one other person knows about that resolution – and it will remain that way. I’m sorry I couldn’t bring that resolution to fruition.

Within the last few days, I realized that something I have been considering a practical, personal-growth exercise really is my latest New Year resolution. For the last couple weeks, I have worked at being more social and starting conversations with people. And not just that, but the real change is that I have been trying to learn peoples’ names and then address those people by name in future meetings.

This has been a personal weakness for quite a while, I think. But the realization finally occurred at a place I visit a lot, Starbucks.  I realized that I always walk in, order my drink (and tell them my name), then stand by the barista and wait for them to call my name, then take my drink and leave.

So, I started to ask the employees their names, and explained that it was a “personal growth – kind of thing” that I was working on. For those who have never been to a Starbucks, they all wear the same outfit, and a nametag is not part of it.  When I am there at a quiet time, certainly not when there’s a huge line behind me or when the barista is working at light speed, I will ask for a name and have a little conversation. Now, it’s nice to walk into a coffee shop and have someone address me by name and say it’s nice to see me again  (oh, first world problems!).

So, to: Sarah, Derek, Houston, Clint, Heather, Anthony, Jackie, Mallory, Bertha, Britney, and the few others I haven’t “met” yet at the Agoura Starbucks, thanks for helping me improve myself!


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