A Lazy Weekend – or what to do when you’re sick

Why not lead with a photo? Here is the San Diego skyline

Why not lead with a photo? Here is the San Diego skyline

Yup, I’ve got a cold. Or bronchitis. Or something else. But I know it’s not just allergies, so I am taking my time trying to recuperate. Usually, when I am sick (in those very infrequent instances) I take medicine but still do my normally running and everything else.

When the topic of illness comes up in a conversation, I always include the remark, “I hardly ever get sick, but when I do, it lasts for a long time.” And I just realized recently that the last 2-3 times I was sick, I eventually had to go to a doctor and get antibiotics to make it go away.  Since I am allergic to many, many antibiotics it probably makes sense to avoid them as much as possible – lest I develop a resistance to the ones I can actually take.

And, yes, I did just use lest in a sentence.

So, I am taking it easy – keeping warm, drinking lots of fluids, using my neti pot, not talking much, and resting.

So back to my weekend plans: There was a pancreatic cancer benefit run/walk this morning. I signed up for the 10K but with a significant amount of guidance from loved ones, I was urged not to actually run. It was 35 degrees here in LA at run time, and I was coughing. But I did deliver the $90 I raised – 100% of which will go to pancreatic cancer research. I did this in memory of Kellie’s father, Steve.   I also saw my high school cross-country coach, who now owns a local running store, and it was nice to catch up with him.

The rest of the day involves resting and probably substantial quantities of tea and coffee. Also some college basketball.

Tomorrow, my plan is to watch movies. Lots of movies. Here is my schedule:  Looper, Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook, and Mama. I want to see Django Unchained but I think it is too long of a movie for me. One hundred and sixty-five minutes is kind of pushing it.

So that’s my weekend.

Odd comment of the day: Taylor Swift’s “I knew you were trouble” is a super fun song to sing along with. Or maybe I am just a 34-year old goofball.


3 thoughts on “A Lazy Weekend – or what to do when you’re sick

  1. So are you feeling better yet? i certainly hope so. I remember you telling me that about yourself- that you don’t get sick very often, but when you do, you’re down for the count!
    Hey, watch this version of that Taylor Swift song. I heard this acapella version before I heard the actual TS version and I actually really like it. It’s amazing what the human voice can accomplish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3wMWd1g8rE&feature=player_detailpage
    (I feel like I might have already shared that link with you. Sorry if I did.)

    That is awesome that you raised some money and ran in honor of Kellie’s dad specifically. Way to go!
    How were all the movies?

    • That was a pretty cool performance!

      My cough is sporadic, but mainly at night. It is almost gone I think.
      About the movies, I actually only watched Life of Pi, but I thought it was very enjoyable-better than I expected. I got distracted from the other movies by womens’ NCAA basketball. That usually happens on Sundays 🙂

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