Things I learned on my short trip up the coast (LA to Oregon)

This Spring Break, I went up to the southern Oregon coast for several days, driving straight through on the way up and stopping overnight in San Francisco on the way down. Here is some of what I learned:

  • There is finally a Starbucks along that multi-hour stretch of driving through the central valley. As one drives north through the Grapevine (leaving LA) there are only the occasional rest stop, gas station, Subway, McDonalds every 30 or so miles for several hours. Now, one stop has a Starbucks, and it is a regular one – with regular prices!
  • California has lots of prisons! I passed 5 just on my particular route.
  • Ukiah Brewing Co. is America’s first organic Brewery and Brewpub (organic food)
  • Lost Coast Brewing, in Eureka, is an awesome place! If I liked in Eureka, I’d probably spend my whole day there. Well, there and Costco.
  • There is a residential neighborhood adjacent to Pelican Bay State Prison (supermax) and a school literally next door to the property. Creepy!
  • In some cities, coffee shops make you pay for wifi. Even if you purchase a drink.
  • Even the tiniest cities have a Subway or a Dairy Queen.
  • Subway restaurants in San Jose/San Francisco do not have Sriracha Sauce available…yet.
  • San Francisco is an awesome place to take photographs at night. The way the fog floats over the city, just above the buildings, is incredible.
  • The traffic in the entire Bay Area is a nightmare. If I lived east or south of San Francisco, or in the city itself, I think I would hate life. North of S.F. would be nice, though. Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Novato, all nice.

Just some observations from the trip.


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