Help fund this indie short film. I did!

I was going to post pictures of the concert I went to last night in Ventura, but before I do:

Have you heard of Kickstarter and indiegogo? They are websites where creative-type individuals can ask for public funding for their projects, with the promise of rewards to those who donate. I have donated to several kickstarter projects, and will be making my own in the next week or so. More details soon!

I see one difference between the two websites. While Kickstarter requires the project’s goal to be met, in an all-or-nothing fashion, indiegogo does not. OK, long story short:


I know someone who has a project on indiegogo. She produced a short film which was entered into the Los Angeles 168 Hour Film Festival last year and came away with eight award nominations. She is raising money to fund a new project currently underway in Paris, and she has some cool rewards to offer. I donated! Please visit the site, donate if you can, or at least forward the site to anyone you know who is into supporting creativity and the arts.  International donations are allowed. And, even if the goal is not met, the film crew will still benefit from whatever is pledged. So help Kendal out and give something! Even a dollar…even that quarter you found in the parking lot this morning!

I’ll give you a reward, too. *imaginary high-five* 

Thanks, köszönöm, merci, and gracias!



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