The Gaslight Anthem @ the Ventura Theater

April 20, 2013.

gaslight1The Gaslight Anthem played at the “Majestic” Ventura Theater. Yes, that is the actual three-word name for the venue.

Not a band that is my favorite, but I do really like a couple of their songs – they take centerstage on my running playlist. I am always up for seeing a band I am familiar with, at a small-ish venue; I’m not into watching huge bands at huge places.



action figures line the amps. never seen that before.

action figures line the amps. never seen that before.


This is one of their 2 or 3 most popular songs. Sorry I didn’t get the best sound quality, but you might recognize it.




5 thoughts on “The Gaslight Anthem @ the Ventura Theater

  1. Ah the days (and locations) of super cheap concert tickets! Barenaked Ladies are coming to Missoula to play at the brewery this summer, and the tickets are outrageous: at least $50/ticket. Yet, Cake is also playing at the brewery, but for only about $35. odd.
    Looks/sounds like you enjoyed the concert Bobby!

      • I never have heard of CHVRCHES, but I listened to that song. The whole electronic genre doesn’t really appeal to me, but she has a really neat voice. Actually there’s something about her voice that reminds me of Avril LaVigne (or should I say Mrs. Chad Kroger?). I’m sure it’ll be a good concert- she sounded pretty good live in videos.

      • I’m not an electronic person either- Moby, any DJs,….but I heard this band on XMU, saw they were going to be playing here, and figured, why not see something new and different? And as I have been watching videos, they are growing on me… mainly because of her voice. Here’s another popular song, if you didn’t already explore on your own:

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