Two more books off the list

I have now read the following books, and have marked them on the “Top 100 Books” list above:

This Side of Paradise (F. Scott Fitzgerald). It was very slow reading for me, but it is pretty much the exact setting for my favorite stories – early 20th century America.

Death Comes For the Archbishop (Willa Cather). She instantly jumped onto my favorite authors list with My Antonia! and this work equally doesn’t disappoint. It must be her style, which I haven’t fully dissected. Her setting is 19th century frontier.

Now reading Ayn Rand’s Anthem, with Kate Chopin’s The Awakening next on deck.


4 thoughts on “Two more books off the list

  1. I’ve never read either of those 2, nor have I ever read anything by Willa Cather. My Antonia! is on my ever-growing list of books to read: which is better, that or Death Comes for the Archbishop?

    • I would do My Antonia! first. It is generally about the interactions between a couple families in a rural Nebraska town, after each has immigrated from a different place. Death Comes is about a priest and his life from when he arrives in desolate New Mexico (state) through his death-seeing his effect on everyone he has met.

      My Antonia! is my #2 story of all-time. #1 is Sister Carrie (Theodore Dreiser).
      She also has another famous work called O Pioneers!

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