Support my Kickstarter Project. Baseball and Photography

TOMORROW, I will launch a Kickstarter project! I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

During the summer vacation (from teaching) this year, I plan to travel to all 30 cities that have a Major League Baseball team. I want to complete a photography project on the neighborhoods where these stadiums are. It will end up in a photobook and a collection of images available as prints.

Please don’t think I want your money so I can go watch baseball and take pictures of the games. This project is not about the baseball games – I will not be taking photos of game action. I want to photograph the features of each stadium, but equally importantly, photograph the “personality” of each community surrounding a stadium.

With Kickstarter, I will not get any funding unless I reach 100% of my goal (approximately $6000). So, I need you to pledge. And then I need you to tell everyone you know about this project, because they might be interested! Please spread the message.

You will receive a reward from me, in return for your pledge.  These rewards range from access to my blog detailing the journey – to postcards sent from the road – to prints of the final images – to a copy of the final photobook – to some extra bonus gifts which, I think you will agree, are pretty cool! Again, I will not take photos of the baseball game but, rather, of the neighborhood and (physical) stadium. There will be beautiful prints suitable for any home or office space.

I’d appreciate even a $10 (or less) pledge. They all add up. But I need you to spread the word, too.

I will post the link Thursday morning, when it is active. It will run for 31 days.

Thank you.  If you have any questions, please ask. I’ll do whatever I can to earn your pledge.



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