Support My Photography Project on Kickstarter



Please donate if you can. I am relying on the Kickstarter community to help me reach my goal, but I need YOUR support, too. I don’t receive any funds unless 100% of my goal gets pledged.

You have 31 days, but please read about my project (and watch the video), choose a reward you would like, and give what you can afford.

Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Support My Photography Project on Kickstarter

  1. This is wonderful, Bobby. I’ll definitely find some $ to sponsor you and share your link on facebook. I bet my grandpa would love to follow along, I just don’t know if he gets online very much. Your photo book at the end sounds like something he would love though!

    • You could tell him about it and see if he wants to join. You could also let him know that he doesn’t get charged until I actually reach 100% (I think Kickstarter holds it in escrow or something).

      Thanks for whatever you end up pledging!

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