NYC: Weekend Subway Changes are a Pain. And Dumplings are Tasty.

Today was our last day in NYC, and we planned only to stay for part of the day before heading upstate. At the end of the day, I can reflect back and say that my brother and I each had a couple things that were our “must do” priorities, and neither of us did either of them. I wanted to see a Broadway play and go to the area of Brooklyn where my grandpa grew up. Steven wanted to see the Statue of Liberty and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Zero for four!

There’s only so much that can be seen in two days in New York. I guarantee if we had 4 or 6 days, these would have been accomplished, but it is just incentive to come back. I really hope I don’t regret not doing my two “must do”s. Besides that issue of fitting too many things into a finite amount of time, we were also hampered by the weekend rerouting and modified routes of several subway lines. In fact, at one point we needed to take the “R” train 3 stops. Turns out it took us in a completely different direction about five times as far…as part of that rerouting. We had to get off in Brooklyn, walk to the other side of the track and take a train that brought us two stops away from our goal (so this whole maneuver got us one step closer than where we started). 20130728_001727We took the bus, did some walking, and I’d like to think we saw some good stuff that we wouldn’t have done if we had followed our plans. We ended up walking around the financial district, went into Trinity Church, saw the 9-11 site (which looks a lot different than it did a few years ago), and walked some of Chinatown.

Random cool building.

Random cool building.

Our goal was a restaurant that Steven found called Prosperity Dumpling. If you are looking for satisfaction to price ratio, you can’t beat this. It is a tiny restaurant with room for about 3 people to sit and 4 people to stand, but the line was continuously out the door – though it was entirely white college-aged people. It must be the “it” spot for a filling, cheap meal.

The order is placed, the man takes payment and meanwhile, the many female workers in back are boiling and frying dumplings, grilled pancakes, and doing more prep work. I estimated they sold over 100 dumplings in the 10 minutes I was there. I had an enormously filling meal of a tub of hot and sour soup ($1.25), a huge, filling, veggie-filled sesame pancake ($1.25) and 8 steamed veggie dumplings ($2.50). Five dollars and I couldn’t eat it all. I still can’t believe how cheap it is. You can get a filling lunch for $1-2 !

Cost: $5

Cost: $5

I have also decided that if I were living in Manhattan, I would want to be in “NoLIta” which is the area north of Little Italy and south of NoHo. What a fun place, with trendy boutique shops and cool open-air restaurants. I really reminds me of The Pearl in downtown Portland, Or.

Eventually we got back to the car and listened to the Dodgers through MLB radio on my phone as we drove north for two hours. Actually, we drove about 10 miles north and decided to stop at Costco. Exactly the same as everywhere else! Except that their food court had two different Italian sandwiches. I got the salad, as usual.

Then ten miles further, we got off the main road so that I could drive into the Hudson River Valley, to Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. There are actually many famous people buried in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, but the area is best known as being Washington Irving’s home and the setting for “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” a short story about a school teacher and a headless horseman-famous in American literature. The gates were closed but I found a path in to the Old Dutch Church Burying Grounds just as darkness approached and a driving rain began. I wandered where the Headless Horseman “tethers his horse nightly among the graves” and then wondered if the place was haunted. 20130728_185003Hmm.  Then, we kept driving.

Sunset from the Catskills.

Sunset from the Catskills.

More toll roads, more rain, more singing along with music and eventually we arrived in Schenectady, where we will leave from tomorrow morning to head to Cooperstown.  After I arrived, I called my friend Tara and we chatted for a few hours. Then I realized it was 1am. Bedtime! Tomorrow will be an awesome, bucket-list-type day!


One thought on “NYC: Weekend Subway Changes are a Pain. And Dumplings are Tasty.

  1. OOooo that dumpling lunch looks delicious, and I can’t believe how inexpensive it was!
    Beautiful sunset from the Catskills. Hmm, for some reason, I always placed the Catskills in the South, more like the Smoky Mountains or something like that- North Carolina-ish. That’s just my brain. Obviously my american geography skills are lacking.
    Too bad you went 0-4 in seeing the “must-sees” but then again, like you said, it’s another reason for a future visit.

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