The Brief Hiatus Ends Soon… I’ll post more tomorrow.

Basically, just thought I’d give an update. Since I’ve been in Boston, I’ve actually been doing things…with others. Tonight for example, I know I said out loud, at least once: I need to post on my blog tonight. Then we went out to a pub for hours of Stump Trivia. The team, “Hella Wicked,’ comprised of me, my brother, Wendy, and Justin got 3rd. We made some silly errors but don’t think we would have scored higher than second. Can you name all 5 of the Huxtable children on The Cosby Show? That was one of the final round questions: we got it.

That along with several more beers and a massive piece of local cod in my fish and chips made for a fun evening. So it’s a tossup: trivia/food/beer or blog. The blog lost that battle so I promise to have a “Boston” blog post up tomorrow, hopefully in the early afternoon.


2 thoughts on “The Brief Hiatus Ends Soon… I’ll post more tomorrow.

  1. Huxtable kids: Denise, Vanessa, Rudy, Theo…. um, I’m drawing a blank! Oh well. I’ll go check it out on wikipedia or something. Lisa Bonet: which one was she? Denise, right? Here I go, wikipedia! 🙂

    • Sandra! (Justin is the one who knew that…I remembered the four you did.)

      On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 11:20 PM, Life's Next Daring Adventure:

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