Asking for Sex: A Social Experiment (Youtube videos)

I think that those of you with an interest in sociology will especially like this.

I was watching “The View” this morning, and they did a brief segment of these videos. That’s where I first heard about them. I don’t really know who made them – their Youtube account is named “whatever.” I’m really curious what you get out of it.

I’ll show you the clips. Then I’ll briefly tell you what I noticed and what the TV hosts noticed.

First, a man asking 100 women, then a video where a woman asks (only 14) men. But check out the success rate.

If you check out “whatever”‘s account, you’ll see they have 71 other social experiment videos, like seeing if speaking French to someone is effective or asking about threesomes.

Back to those two videos. What I noticed was that women who were asked often reacted with disgust, and men were more polite in refusing, when they did.  I offer that as a completely neutral observation. On “The View,” their main comment was that they thought every man would say “yes.” I think that’s quite far-fetched. Maybe they were being overly-dramatic for TV.



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