Autumn Happenings

I’m not sure which season is my favorite, except that summer is most certainly last. But I do know I like the word “Autumn,” certainly more than Fall.

In the last month, I failed miserably on my commitment to pick up the pace on blogging. Let’s try again.

Through six weeks, my new car has 780 miles on it, about 15 of those on the freeway. I suppose I need to break the engine in a little more.

I started running again, re-acclimating myself to running in the dark (with the time change) and having to bundle up in thermal shirt, fleece, and beanie (vs. running in L.A. which consisted of shorts and a short-sleeve shirt). But I’m still listening to podcasts as I run. I listen to a fascinating one on Henrietta Lacks the other day – I don’t remember if that was on RadioLab or 99% Invisible.

I also joined a gym again. I REALLY miss Yogaworks, which not only had more yoga classes than anyone could possibly need, but also had Geoff’s TRX class. This is my favorite workout ever; it has given me better results than anything else, and I’ve never been to motivated to keep working out. It took my over a month to decide on a TRX location up here, and I decided Crunch Gym provided the most options. It is only $99 a year and includes a full gym and all the fitness classes, including Yinyasa Yoga (meh 😐 ) TRX (yay!), and Ab-solution (looks intriguing), among others. For that price, it’s worth trying.

I also went 5 weeks without having XM in my new car but decided that I couldn’t wean myself off of it – especially, when I got an email for current subscribers (because I had one in the Sebring) offering an awesome $139 radio (reconditioned) for $19. It will fit great in my new car, and hopefully I will be able to put it in without handing over my paycheck to Car Toys.

I’m finally caught up with the backlog in my teaching job (from arriving a month into the school year), but I sort of don’t like how Oregon is handling the Common Core and how the middle school math progression works here. But that’s just one man’s opinion. I love the people I work with; I wish my classroom had a larger window (or more than one). And that reminds me – I lost my voice last Thursday, and while it’s back, I also have a cough now and it’s extremely annoying. It shouldn’t last much longer, though.

Rain this weekend, but I am expecting to have a great time. This guy doesn’t let a little rain bother him!

I’m thinking about making a second blog, as well.

More soon.(I promise.)


One thought on “Autumn Happenings

  1. Wow I don’t think you could beat $99/yr for any gym anywhere! What’s Trx?
    What are your plans for thanksgiving? I saw pics of ca freeway so I assume you get the whole week to spend with your family in agoura hills?
    I hope you’re doing well Bobby!

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