It’s Officially the Concert.. I mean Holiday… Season.

Happy December everyone. Yes, it’s time for holiday fun. In Portland, that includes the 12 straight days of concerts put on by the local alternative radio station.  The concert series is called “December to Remember” and there are 14 shows over those 12 days. Lots of currently-popular bands and singers! Here is what I am going to (so far):

Tonight: The Neighbourhood

Tomorrow: Alt-J

Tuesday: The Mowglis/Said The Whale

12/12: Portugal.The Man.

I also had tickets for Lorde this coming Wednesday, but I paid $25 for them and sold them for $88 each on stubhub yesterday. I would have liked to go, but with the profit, it is paying for my other tickets.  I espcially wanted to see tonight’s show because I had tickets to see The Neighbourhood last month in Los Angeles. I obviously couldn’t go and ended up selling those $18 tickets for $44 each.  Tonight’s show is sold out, but the price was dropping on stubhub until I bought mine for $24 (including “delivery” and fees). So I figured I am way in the black.

I’ll take some pics on my phone if I’m able. Probably a video, too.

If you have any interest in listening along to any of the shows, they will be broadcast live on 94.7fm  The shows are at 8pm Pacific, except Lorde plays at 5pm.



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