No, I don’t have photos yet.

Yes, I am getting braces.

At my last dentist appointment, which was actually my first appointment with Kaiser Dental, their new patient questionnaire asked “Are you interested in orthdontia?” I checked the box and wrote “I would be if the price was right.”

Now, my teeth are not bad. In fact, I’ve never considered getting braces as an adult and I don’t think the topic ever came up when I was a kid. I am fine how my teeth are, but I do have some issues. In particular, I grind my teeth at night. At least I did until I got a mouthguard to sleep with about 6-8 years ago. My teeth are basically flat…not unlike cow teeth. I rarely have cavities – I think I had three, several years ago, but at my dental appointments, they always have to fill “wear pits.”

In any case, the dentist though aligning my teeth would help with preventing future damage, particularly because I have an overbite and some bottom teeth grind into the back of some upper teeth.

When I saw that my insurance has orthodontia coverage and that braces would be only $1500, I was intrigued. When the orthodontist told me I’d only need them for 13-15 months, I felt even better about it.

My students are as excited as I am … I even let my classes vote on whether I should get standard metal brackets or clear ones. They overwhelming voted for the standard ones. It was something like 55 for metal, 25 for colored, and 25 for “I don’t care – why are you asking me – decide for yourself.”  I felt it only fair to include that third option.

I have already been learning tips from them (how to floss, what not to eat, etc.) and am looking forward to going to my students for important medical information over the next year!

I have spacers around my first molars right now and the braces will be on Wednesday afternoon!


2 thoughts on “Braces!

  1. Bobby,
    I wore braces as an adult, also to correct a bite. Wore them for a total for 21 months and 3 days. I counted every. single. day. The whole time I was pregnant with Colin, my second child, I had braces; when I birthed him…I had them still; and when I went to have them taken off he was a roly-poly 3-month-old in my arms! He’s now a strapping 30-year-old; that’s how long it’s been.
    The two strongest memories are that the spacers were the most painful of all, followed by how the wires shredded my lips until my orthodontist supplied me with the wax that guards against this. Why? Because I read to toddler Theo several times a day, that being the one way I could get him to slow down. The minute a book opened, he was attentive and he loved being read to, so that’s what I did!
    I enjoyed finding out that you’re including the students in your experience, because they will notice. Some of them will remember and keep tabs on your dental progress for years!
    Best of luck to you in the process, my dear!

  2. Whoa… scary head gear picture! I remember a friend in middle school having to wear head gear. .. not quite that cumbersome & outdated of course, but still quite visible.
    That’s neat that you had your students so involved in the decision making process. 🙂

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