Books and Trivia

The last couple weeks have been largely filled with family visiting, teaching, trivia, and reading. Oh,  and watching UCONN women’s basketball. Anyway…

  • I am on a trivia team that meets at a local pub. It’s part of Last Call Trivia, a nationwide live trivia group, with competitions happening in certain pubs/breweries/etc. on a specific day of the week.  I am on a team that plays on Tuesdays, so I will dedicate a full blog entry later this week to trivia.  Our team is in the league (vs. just playing for fun) and we are currently #21 in the Portland area. This upcoming week is the final week of the winter season, before finals.

Here’s the final question from last Tuesday. We bet the max and aced it. Can you?

Identify the actor/actress who made their directorial debut on each movie:

a) Dead Man Walking                     b) War of the Roses

c) The Town                                      d) Into the Wild

  • It’s time for the NCAA men’s and women’s tournaments again.  Let’s see if I can win cash again this year.
  • Five days until Spring Break, and I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. It won’t be sitting around here, though.
  • Recently I read Siddhartha (Hesse), Steppenwolf (Hesse), Cat’s Cradle (Vonnegut), Utopia (More), and Medium Raw (Anthony Bourdain). I’m currently reading the novella Death in Venice (Mann).
  • I took some photos out in the Columbia Gorge last week when family visited. I’ll have some of those on here in the next few days, too. The trivia post should be up on Wednesday!

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