Mount Hood and The Decemberists – Not Together.

Actually, driving to Mount Hood involved listening to the Decemberists on the radio, but I digress…

As always, I go on thinking I don’t have anything blog-worthy to write about, then when I finally do resolve to creating something for you to read, I realize a lot has happened. Usually, I realize there are about three posts worth of material and I end up summarizing it all, needlessly. Rather than do that, let’s go back about two weeks for this post. I’ll write a few more, too, and if I can get the scheduling feature to work, my following posts will appear for each of the next couple days.

Late May:

The purpose of going back in time here is because I finally made it to Mount Hood. Yes, that’s correct, I had never been there. I suppose that makes sense – I’ve been to most of the L.A. mountains as well as Mt. Rainier, because – duh, I used to leave near those places. I’ve only been in Portland for about eight months so my first time had to happen eventually. It was a really fun day – partly because I didn’t do the planning. Everywhere I went was a surprise…from Timberline Lodge (from “The Shining” fame) to Trillium Lake (and a conversation with an elderly couple putting together a foldable boat) to a local doughnut shop (apparently known for deep frying croissants). I love surprises, so it was all good!  It was also my first time playing shuffleboard. There is a historic-looking game room in Timberline Lodge and one of the games was a table-sized (not the kind on cruise ships) shuffleboard. I got destroyed. Apparently, it’s all in the wrist.

For you beer afficionados, the hike also involved drinking the world’s best IPA (which I’d probably agree with because I don’t like IPAs and this one is pretty good.) Any guesses which one I’m referring to?


Later that week, I went to the Crystal Ballroom to see my favorite band, The Decemberists. They’re a local band and the tickets were a little bit pricier than usual because it was a special show. They hadn’t played in over two years and the concert was to benefit the Victory School, a Portland school focusing on autistic children.

In any case, they played one whole album start to finish, then played an entire additional set, plus three encore songs. Twenty-five songs and three hours! Before the concert, I tried another new (to me) restaurant called The Picnic House. It is situated in what used to be the lobby of the original Heathman Hotel, built in 1923. It was pretty great. That whole evening, going into the morning, was one of the more exciting evenings of my life.

I didn’t take any video. Actually, I did. However, I won’t bother to upload it because someone else, closer to the stage, happened to record my favorite song. The song starts exactly at 1:00. Enjoy.



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