Summer Break!

Continuing the timeline from my last post (which ended the morning of May 31), we come to June. This is also known as the start of Summer Break.

So far, in the first half of this month:

  • I was, once again, destroyed in a shuffleboard rematch. Even worse than the first time. The stakes this time were much more compelling.
  • The school year had the final rush that happens in the last few days.  A lot of people think that days like that are easier for a teacher because they are non-academic. However, I see it differently. When the last few days involve graduation ceremonies, talent shows, dances, walking to the local movie theater, periods allotted to yearbook signing (and me consequently putting on Pandora at full volume to entertain the class), it’s actually more to keep track of, and more stressful.
  • I had some nice chats with a social studies teacher who is retiring. It made me wish I could retire now. But then, he did start teaching the month I was born (!)
  • I’ve watched several World Cup games and am listening to one right now as I type. Go Netherlands. No, it’s not Holland!
  • I’ve continued job searching for next year, since my current position is temporary. I’m making progress.
  • My trivia team is currently #5 in Portland. I’m still kind of ticked about missing the final question last week – note to self: Murfreesboro is near Nashville, not Memphis! It cost us 30 points and 20 dollars.
  • I’ve read a lot (more on this in my next post).
  • I’ve decided I’m very excited about the summer break. Though I don’t have any specific plans yet, there are lots of possibilities! Hopefully that includes lots of hiking, some baseball, and a shuffleboard re-rematch.

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