Road Trip: Boise (day four)

Today is my last full day in Boise, and this is going to be a shorter post, probably, because I just sort of rested – kept an easy pace, and didn’t do much exciting in the later hours of the day.

The morning started by my driving back to the downtown area – the Cap City Public Market is basically a big farmer’s market that is on one of the main downtown streets every Saturday morning in summer. It was five blocks long, if I remember. My breakfast was a blueberry macadamia scone and an Americano from one of the local coffee shops. I mainly did some wandering but not much buying, because I wanted to get over to the Basque street a few blocks away because of a festival. This weekend is the Festival of San Ignazio, so there was dancing,music, feasting on Basque foods.

20140726_122048There was a massive paella pot on which large quantities were cooking.  Paella was served four times today, but I kept putting it off until I didn’t end up coming back. I did eat in the Basque pub. My lunch consisted of Solomo (marinated pork loin and pimentos), Chorizo de Pamplona, croquettas (fried little dough balls with pepper sauce), and a slushy white wine sangria with red wine floated on top.



The rest of the day was more wandering, talking to people, people watching, and it was much warmer today – a comfortably-dry 92, I believe.

I went back AGAIN to the Bittercreek Alehouse for a dinner of a black bean burger, cole slaw, and some beer tasters. I also treated myself to dessert, which I very rarely do. Homemade beignets and butterscotch = delicious.


“B” for Bobby. Or Boise.

About 30 minutes before sunset, I went for a run on the riverwalk, again. At the far end of Boise State U., I turned on to the campus and wandering around, between buildings, across parking lots, etc. I got a peek at the football field, which is famously blue., then I ran back to finish the evening in my hotel.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip: Boise (day four)

  1. I’m going to have to go back & read these older posts about your trip to Boise last summer. My brother & sister-in-law & 1-yr old nephew live there now! (well, their apt is in Meridian)

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