Happy New Year!

Time to stop writing 2014 on your paperwork.

It’s 24 degrees here in Portland, Oregon and I’m indoors watching the Rose Parade in unseasonably-cold Southern California.

I’m not into making resolutions but I am going to use today as a benchmark as I refocus and strengthen my resolve toward a few personal growth and wellness targets. Lots of fancy words, there.


  • I am really trying to not be late to everything. I have my reasons, I know why I do it, and I know how I justify it to myself. And I don’t think that justification is necessarily wrong. However, I do really enjoy not being late, or at least rushing to…nearly everything. It feels nice when I’m not in a rush. So that is a goal.
  • I need to lose about fifteen pounds. Actually, I don’t think you would see me and think that, but I just know that my running performance would improve and it’s probably just a healthy thing to do. Last January 1, I began keeping track of my eating with a food journal and within two months, I lost more than ten pounds. Then I got bored with journaling everything and now I am back to what I was a year ago. I’m going to try it again. On a similar note:
  • My big focus is managing my time to be as productive as I want to be. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish, almost on a daily basis. I’m fortunately not in the “there’s not enough time in the day for everything I need to do” camp. I’m truly referring to things I want to do. For example, I want to learn German, I want to improve my typing, I want to go to yoga and TRX regularly (and maybe some Insanity), and I want to run regularly and consistently, along with daily sets of stretches and strength training.

I know I want to accomplish this, but I also know that once I get home from work, I often want to find other uses for my free time. It comes down to a routine for me and it especially comes down to making a schedule, or outline, or guide, or…maybe even just a “personal growth philosophy.” I need something to keep me in line every single day, to keep my eyes on the prize (to quote a Civil Rights folk song) and the calendar on my phone won’t do it. I need something very organized and tangible, so ideas are swirling in my mind right now about what kind of organizer to create. It starts today, though, so by the end of today, I need to set realistic durations and frequencies for each of these activities. I need to make sure I create reachable and realistic goals for each of these, and I need to find the system that will work for me. I guess my drive and ambition are not as high as I’d like in some aspects of life.

Personal weakness duly noted.

I would love to hear any thoughts and insight…motivation, even, about all these ideas currently processing in my mind.


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