[ Who am I? ]

I’m Bobby, 35 years old, from Portland, Oregon, by way of Olympia, Washington by way of southern California. I must say I definitely don’t feel my age, probably because I have spent so many wonderful days in the classroom with awesome children. From 2005-2011, I was a math teacher at an independent middle school for “highly capable” children. That school, and that profession are dear to my heart. Now I am (finally) at a high school. Good times!

In 2011, I decided to teach conversational English in Hungary. I sold most of my possessions and went to Europe for two years. It unexpectedly ended up being only one year, and now I am back in the US, slowly transitioning back to the American life.

This blog’s inception coincided with my journey overseas, and was meant as a way to document life and travels in a foreign place. My life still feels like it is in a foreign place – just for different reasons. I like it — it gives me the opportunity to explore new places and discover my new surroundings.

This blog will continue with lots of photography and lots of thoughts. I love taking photos and I love processing them. You will still see me posting my photos of Europe on this blog, but I will now have the opportunity to present lots of photos from wherever life takes me. I invite you to keep following my journey!

7 thoughts on “[ Who am I? ]

  1. Hi Bobby! Fun to see all the pics and read your stories. It sounds like it has been a good adventure so far. Cheers, Emily Ecker

    • Thanks for following along, and for the message! I hope you (and your family) are doing well, and that Alex has adjusted to HS.

  2. Hello Bobby,

    I am a high school student from Essen, Germany. I am currently working on a powerpoint presentation which I intend to use in order to support the oral presentation of my research paper on the Holocaust perpetrators.
    You have uploaded a picture entitled “Auschwitz Birkenau platform train tracks”, which would perfectly fit into my presentation.
    Would you give me permission to use your picture? Of course I’d then wish to list you as the copyrightholder on my works cited list, for which I would need additional information on you and the origins of the picture.

    Thank you very much!


      • Thank you so much! I believe I only need your full name (or abreviated prename+last name) since I simply used the background information to th epicture that was given in the description (title, place and date).
        Thanks again and with kind regards, Lisa

  3. Hi!
    I found you photo of the wheat field “somewhere between tricities and Walla Walla. Gorgeous. May I have your permission to use it as an art piece on canvas? I am an interior decorator. Do you sell your photograph? Thank you. Judi

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